We have WordPress Security and Maintenance plans packaged affordably for small business.  Our WordPress Security and Maintenance packages go far deeper than updating WordPress.  When most people think about securing and maintaining WordPress, they only think about the actual WordPress installation.  This typically means updating the themes, plugins and WordPress Core.

More than just updating themes, plugins and WordPress Core.

What most people don’t realize is that when it comes to securing a website, you have to secure the underlying infrastructure.  WordPress has many requirements in order to work.  It relies on a web server to deliver its web pages, it requires a database to pull its information from, it requires a script processor like PHP to dynamically build pages.

Each of these requirements bring their own set of challenges and vulnerabilities.  Ensuring that each of these are patched is crucial to the security of a website.  Most hosting providers will not give you access to these underlying parts and many go without any patching leaving your website vulnerable despite having a completely up-to-date WordPress.

Shared hosting sites are an even bigger issue.  Cheap hosting plans often lack the proper isolation needed to secure tenants from other vulnerable tenants.  While your WordPress site might be secure, your neighbors may not be and once they are hacked, your site is now vulnerable through no fault of your own.

Moving beyond a shared hosting model.

Our WordPress Security and Maintenance packages go beyond simply running WordPress updates.  We move your website from your unsecured host to our secure private server.  A server that we install, manage and maintain.  Your website does not share cpu, memory, storage or bandwidth with hundreds of vulnerable websites.  We go beyond by updating the underlying components.  We update NGINX, we update APACHE, we update MySQL.  We update the core operating system that each of these applications are run on.

We have to talk about backups.

Updating these core components come with additional risk and because not every plan is full proof, we have to talk about backups.  Because we built, manage and maintain the entire server, not just the WordPress installation, we are able to backup EVERYTHING.  We can take backups at multiple different stages.  We can backup the files, we can backup the databases, but most importantly we can take a backup of the entire system state, a point in time image of the Operating System.  In the event of a failed update, we can ensure proper and safe roll back of your site and even move the entire site to a freshly installed server if future updates still pose issues.

Don’t let a compromised website ruin your reputation.

When deciding on how to best approach the maintenance and security of your website, its best to consider our WordPress Maintenance packages.  We want to take the hassle and streamline the process so you don’t have to worry about it.  Your website is the business card of the future, it is your storefront that all your future business will flourish from.  Your online reputation will play a major part in your offline revenue.  Don’t let a compromised website ruin your reputation.  Call us Today to schedule a free assessment.